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Home and Redesign Staging is an art form.
The goal is to create a “I want to live here, let’s buy it!” environment for home buyers.
To date Dwell to Sell has an 100% track record selling their redesigned or staged homes in record time and for at or above asking price.

Dwell2Sell Redesign
Living Room

Redesign Home Staging is our forte. A large percentage of home sellers have to reside in the house they are selling. Home Staging Redesign affords you that opportunity. We design around you lifestyle by showcasing your design and incorporating new trends to make the new home buyers feel at home.

Empty House Staging

At this upscale modern space, I created a soft, romantic environment where all guests feel warm and invited. The wonderful mix of lines and curves is now layered into this space’s architecture and furnishings. The result is a place of balance and beauty, in harmony with its surroundings. Do you love this look? Get in touch to see how we can start designing your dream space today.

Rental House Staging

We dressed up this space with a sleek, sophisticated decor that is ready to impress. The owners of this rental property sought to retain the architecture but soften its formality. Stylish furnishings and the innovative use of form and color meet the challenge. Do you want me to model your next space? Contact me today.

Portfolio: Projects
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